May 31-June 30, 2019

Recent paintings about reclaiming space – emotional, physical, ancestral, and mental. The series is an experience of color, contrast, plant life, and abundance. 

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April 4 - 28, 2019

Part prayer and part declaration, Divinely Diné, a solo exhibition by Natani Notah, disrupts our conceptions of what we think it means to be a Native American woman living in the present-day U.S.

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March 4 - 30, 2019

UNDO/REDO is a solo exhibition of paintings by Anthony Torrano. The abstract, layered images are inspired by the sometimes chaotic and overstimulating sensory experiences of digital culture.

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February 2 - 27, 2019

“Yoshi Yubai's photography explores a dark side of the human experience. His work from his time in San Francisco reflects deviant aspects of humanity. Very much like black metal, his photos are both ugly and grotesque, but artfully stunning at the same time.” - Yosuke Konishi

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June 2-July 1, 2018

A visual art exhibition + collaborative zine that centers womxn, femmes + gender nonconforming artists of color, with their stories on unrequited love, respect + care. Curated by Renae Moua.

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April 13-29 (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

Belle Bueti + Rebecca Haseltine merge vintage clothing and fluid watercolors to create a multisensory experience in this unusual exhibition cum pop-up-shop.

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