June 2-July 1, 2018

A visual art exhibition + collaborative zine that centers womxn, femmes + gender nonconforming artists of color, with their stories on unrequited love, respect + care. Curated by Renae Moua.

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April 13-29 (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

Belle Bueti and Rebecca Haseltine merge vintage clothing and fluid watercolors to create a multisensory experience in this unusual exhibition cum pop-up-shop.

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November 3–26, 2017

This collective came together in 2015, as a group of twelve artists who sought to create opportunities for female identifying and gender non-binary artists working in less commercial art forms and in the expanded field of visual arts. "You are invited to step into our history, our archive, and walk away with a slice of who we are."

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October 13-29

Cynthia Navarro, Sanaa Khan, Max Stadnik & Kenneth Srivijittakar are the printmaking powerhouse Tiny Splendor. "We felt that by working together and collaborating with other artists we could go much further than we could as individuals. And it was this collective effort that has enabled us to acquire, maintain, and house all of the equipment and resources needed to bring prints to people."

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Sept 8-October 1st, 2017

No matter the intentions: On equity in the arts is a space to understand how artists create systems of mutual support and strategic criticality in the ongoing struggle for equity; against the backdrop of institutional critique.

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July 1-14, 2017

Future IDs are Free brings together individuals implicated in and working with the criminal justice system. The exhibition is a window for the public into a developing collaborative artwork.

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