Volunteer some of your time at Adobe Books!

Established in 2013, the Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative is a Volunteer Worker Owned Cooperative. We're like work club for people interested in projects that have a cultural impact.

We have many ways to get involved – from simple to obsessive. Take your interest and apply it to our effort.


For those who want to go deep.

We're looking for volunteers who can work their way into becoming full fledged Co-op Members.


  1. Bragging rights: you can tell your date you are an owner of Adobe Books.
  2. Discounts: 20% off your purchases in the shop.
  3. Profit Sharing: when Adobe has profits, you'll be eligible to share in them.
  4. Voting for Board of Directors Members: once a year you'll be given a vote for who should serve on the Adobe Board.
  5. Membership Card: you'll be proud to carry it.


  1. Contributing an initial 50 hours of work to Adobe.
  2. Pledging to continue contributing at least 4 hours of work per month to Adobe.
  3. Getting voted in by the Board.

Adobe Books history

 Adobe Books founder, Andrew McKinley, being interviewed in his book warehouse for 2016's documentary ' Water Under The Bridge ’ by Katie Wheeler-Dubin and Mila Puccini.

Adobe Books founder, Andrew McKinley, being interviewed in his book warehouse for 2016's documentary 'Water Under The Bridge’ by Katie Wheeler-Dubin and Mila Puccini.

Adobe Books is here because of the one and only Andrew McKinley. Dubbed the 'mayor of the Mission' this kind gentleman is our leader and friend. Come by the shop on Sunday and catch him on his usual shift.

Selected Press


Day in the life

Chris Cobb did an installation at Adobe Book Store where he arranged all of the books by color. This made for some very interesting bedfellows. Books who had never been on the same side of the room were now cozying up to each other. Great way to discover new books.

Mr. Andrew McKinley is owner of Adobe Books and a long-time dedicated patron of the arts. Adobe Books in San Francisco's Mission district has been the heart and soul of that neighborhood's artist community for nearly twenty years, and has always been a welcome meeting place for artists, writers, musicians, and people of every walk of life. 

This is video of artist Kathryn Williamson performing at Adobe Book Store on Valencia and 16th in the Mission District of San Francisco. The Perfomance was on Saturday 17, 2009.
See more at http://ybca.org/ban7 BAN7 exhibition partner Adobe Books Backroom Gallery demonstrates how an art space might survive gentrification. Adobe Books Backroom Gallery is an experimental arts space for young artists that is part of the beloved Adobe Bookshop in San Francisco's Mission District.
JMR Swan provides his gift solution to humanity. Shot at Adobe Books, 2006.
Excuses For Skipping performing Billie Jean in front of Adobe Books, Mission District, San Francisco, Pride Weekend, June 2009