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LIVE READING: The Racket. Adobe's Monthly Reading Series!

Noah Sander's new monthly reading series - people making noise, people pulling one over on you - typical reading series stuff... bringing together some fantastic writers and hoping that you, friends and lovers of reading alike, will come and celebrate great writing and maybe buy some books or just stand there awkwardly sipping a Tecate. 

This month our selection of readers - a fine bunch indeed - will be sharing writings about San Francisco - the city, the experience, the mood, the people, everything that stirs together to make this sometimes wonderful place so many of us call home.

Our readers include:

Miah Jeffra
Shideh Etaat
Baruch Porras-Hernandez
Sarah Bardeen
Sarah Heady 

There will be cheap beer and wine and some seriously talented readers. 

Be there.



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