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A show to write home about. A show to tell the future generations. A show to find a little sense in a chaotic dark work. A show for everyone. A show for you. Gather round for the second ever Gummy Buffet in Exile show, hosted by our dearest friends and community heroes Adobe Books. 

Hosted by Shannon M. and featuring:

Choir Boy (Team Love Reocrds, SLC): dracula-core, Utah synth gods, gothy croons for the coming night.

Petheaven Midnight drones, expirimental waves, crushing calm, crystaline feels. 

Spellling Incantations, loops and power, electronic blips, interior worlds, the eye of the storm. 

The Yellow Dress (solo acoustic): Crashing through the roof, ecstatic sing-a-longs, trying our best. 

Show starts at 7 on the dot, amplified music must be done by 9:30
Bring money for the touring act but NOTAFLOF
Respect the space, respect our hosts, respect each other, respect yourself
Gummy buffet as always