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Author Event & Book Release Party: SPECIOUS SPECIES #8

Celebrating the publication of Specious Species Magazine Issue 8!

Species is an anthology of cultural journalism anchored on interviews with seminal counter culture types and thematic articles. Species #8 is all about Islands and Apocalypses.

Featuring Charlie Getter, Joe Donohoe, Nicole Henares, Jon Longhi, and Ed Bowers.

Joe Donohoe has been doing independent publishing in San Francisco for 30 years. A former punk rock DJ and cab driver he is now a nurse case manager masochistically dedicated to producing Specious Species Magazine almost every year.

Ed Bowers is a Zen priest and former security guard and poet of the austere school. If resiliency matters then Ed is the poet laureate of the Tenderloin.

Charlie Getter is loud.  He can be found every Thursday night sometime after 10pm at the BART plaza at 16th & Mission, where he's been doing the same thing for the past 14 years.  His work was described in the San Francisco Chronicle as being "as beguiling as Dr. Seuss," he holds an MFA in Poetics from the New College of California and his latest book,  How to Arrange Physics and Geography to your Advantage was released last fall on Seventh Tangent Press. 

Nicole Henares (Aurelia Lorca) began writing as a violinist/lyricist in a punk rock cover band called Unfortunate Mustaches with the legendary Roxi Christmas, but was promptly kicked out upon having laser electrolysis. She then worked part time as a secretary for the Evil Dark Overlord of The Zen Baby Federation, but was eventually let go because she just couldn't wield a staple gun that quickly. She now free lances for free for anyone offering