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LIVE MUSIC! Casey Chisholm / Gossimer / Forest Floor

Gummy Buffet in Exile Presents: 

A night of calm. A night of reflection. A russtle in the woods. A Russell in the woods. Air moves through the trees. Sand is everywhere. What will tomorrow bring? How will we know when the future is here? First rays of sun breaking through the fog. It's spring and the world is on fire but sometimes things are clear. A show for you.

Casey Chisholm: A legend of the coast. Ambient loops hooks and epic feels for years on end to get you through the crushing nights. 

Gossimer: Offerings to the trees, whispers from thje earth, delicate dreams.

Forest Floor: The gospel of nothingness, the duality of you and me, electronic songscapes and hidden passageways.

Bring money for the touring act, support the store, bring your best you
Gummy buffet starts at 7, music at 7:30 (show must end up by 10)
Hosted by Shannon M