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AUTHOR EVENT: Lindsay Tunkl

Group Workshop 

This workshop book ends the Day of the Dead celebrations and will focus on coming to terms with mortality and embracing ourselves as future corpses. Tunkl wrote her book, When You Die You Will Not Be Scared To Die, as a response to her own fear of death and dying. The lists in her book are meditations, mantras, spells, promises and ritual. In this workshop the book becomes an example and jumping off point for participants to create rituals out of their fears. Rituals can be many things; brushing your teeth, calling your mother every Sunday, lighting a candle for the dead etc… Through embodiment exercises, group discussion and group activities participants will explore their own emotional relationship to dying and create their own mortality honoring ritual.

In the new performance series, Parting Practice: Rituals for Endings and Failure, Tunkl invites participants to explore their fears and experiences of death, dying and haunting. The sessions incorporate methods of psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, sound therapy, Buddhist meditation, somatic practices and humor as a tool for healing. The performance continues her long-term interest in connecting with individuals one-on-one in completely ephemeral and interactive performance pieces.

Earlier Event: November 2
NEIGHBORHOOD EVENT: Dia de los Muertos
Later Event: November 7
Writing Group Meeting