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Crow Crash Radio / Angel Archer / Infante

Theremin-based, Crow Crash Radio is an instrumental improvisational trio playing a new kind of Cosmic American Music, filled with the shadows of American gospel and blues but also indebted to the soulful drones of the Middle East and India.  The sound is both meditative but also driving and hypnotic, gently carrying their listeners into the mystery at the heart of universal musical roots.
The group features Andrew Joron on Theremin, Brian Strang on Guitar and Mark Pino on drums.  

Angel Archer are an earthcore duo from Oakland, CA.

Combining tapes, bass vi, keyboard, sampler, vocals, and percussion they are at once molten, interstellar, larval, and “gooey.”

They can also be found as the rhythm section for Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band), among other projects.

Crow Crash Radio
Angel Archer