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Community event! A Paradise Built In Hell: Ages of Fire & Californian Rebirth


We have lived through a natural disaster which will recur and which we will live through again. California’s Winter rains give way to Spring give way to Summer give way to Autumn gives way to the Season of Fire (from now till the unforeseeable.) The drought projection on the scientist’s graph climbs. The Paradise Fire was not an aberration, but the beginning of normality.
Like the refraction of a rainbow into pure white light, my community in the Bay Area found focus and illumination defending itself from the smog. Tens of thousands of free respirator masks flooded the streets in days. Creativity and spontaneous organization was unlocked by the crisis. It was a paradise built in hell, as Rebecca Solnit suggested it might be in her book of the same name.
What are the challenges we Californians face in the new climatic age? What are the opportunities? Will our cities be destroyed or reborn? I'd like you to come talk with me about it.

11:00 AM Unstructured Time w/ refreshments
12:00 PM Keynote Speakers
12:30 PM Discussion
1:30 PM Resolutions


This event brought to you, for the first time, by The Casa Limon Collective-- a mobile and permanent place for vibrant community.

Later Event: January 13