"What, more?" A Playlist and Reflection for the Shorter Days

“The Lantern Bearers”, Maxfield Parrish

“The Lantern Bearers”, Maxfield Parrish

In a recent collection of essays titled "Draft No. 4," the wonderful John McPhee muses that "writing is selection," a notion which has reverberated with the force of a wild tempest within and beyond me. For what, in an age of (almost comical) oversaturation, rings more true? With the wonders of life at our fingertips the challenge has evolved, for those of us fortunate enough, into a selection process. What resonates within, without?

In the ongoing narrative of our collective existence, our responsibility as authors (and yes, we are all contributors to the colossal work I call Nonsense - A Novel in Infinite Parts) is to push forward through the muck. To define what "meaningful" is today, in hopes that someday your personal exhibition of import may one day help another define their own.

It is with this idea I present "What, more?" a collection of songs befitting the shorter days and colder nights. I have always found refuge in music, a safety surpassed only by the act of sharing it with others. The intention is to listen to it from end-to-end, though any arrangement will (hopefully) yield an enjoyable time.

Happy holidays.

// joseph a.