November 3–26, 2017

Sunday, November 19th

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Our archive, a Site of Making for 20 Artists, Past & Present

Tosha Stimage, Megan Reed, Sofie Ramos, Maria Guzman Capron, Sara Kerr, CA Greenlee, Danielle Genzel, Ricki Dwyer, Beryl Bevilacque, Maryam Yousif, Addy Rabinovitch, Erica Molesworth, Em Meine, Jay Katelansky, Jessica Hubbard, Caroline Charuk Hayes, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Indira Allegra, Yerin Kim, Bruna Massadas

CTRL+SHFT Collective was started by twelve artists in June of 2015, drawn together by a frustration with the lack of affordable space in the Bay Area and opportunities for female identifying and gender non-binary artists, working in less commercial art forms and in the expanded field of visual arts. In these past two years the collective has transformed, grown and become a site for a variety of visual artists, curators, filmmakers, performers and community based artists. In Our Archive, a Site of Making for 20 Artists, Past & Present, the collective invites the public to step into our history, our archive and walk away with a slice of who we are.

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CTRL+SHFT Collective is a studio collective and exhibition space run out of a warehouse in Oakland, CA. CTRL+SHFT operates with the goals inclusivity, experimentation, and leadership and with an emphasis on collaborating with underrepresented arts communities; including women artists, artists of color, queer, trans and non-binary artists.

1430 34th Street, Oakland, CA, 94608