Rob Moss Wilson
Van Waring

August 3-26th

Opening reception:
August 3, 5-7pm


wild dogs VW.jpg

Last Picnic is finding joy in the face of hopelessness. Last Picnic is the audacity to revel in it all as we spiral out. Last Picnic is a last minute invite to everyone we know to share a meal out in nature, knowing not everyone will show up but those that do will be treasured company. Also, the weather will be less than ideal but that's not going to stop us from having a memorable time. Last Picnic is a coproduction with Center, run by Marlee Grace, a creative space in West Marin that works collaboratively with many West Marin artists.


Rob Moss Wilson is an artist currently living in Martinez, California. Through poetry, painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking, Rob attempts to honor what is most zesty, poignant, colorful, and transcendent about being alive on this earth.

Van Waring is an artist based in West Marin but has roots in the Central Valley, which has given her the interest and opportunity to look at the edge of things, the contrast and connection between different thoughts and conversations. Her work examines an ecological awareness encompassing the awkward humanness in it all.

beginnings VW.JPG