Agneta Falk
Mary Julia Klimenko
Tamsin Smith

Curated by Matt Gonzalez

Exhibition: Sep 28th-Oct 26th
Opening reception: Sep 28th, 6-9pm
Poetry reading: Oct 7th, 2-4pm
Closing party: Oct 26th, 7-9pm


The affinity between painters and poets is well-established. Poets have often looked to the visual arts for subject matter prompts and inspiration; and history is full of painters turning to verse for their titles, even working text elements into the canvas. Then there is the example of the poet-painter, in which this cross-creative interplay occurs in a single imagination. Mary Julia Klimenko, Agneta Falk, and Tamsin Smith are three of such poet-painters, who inhabit a space in which the dialogue between paint brush and written page is more fluid. This is not to say that their paintings literally contain their verse or vis a versa, but rather that these artists find an outlet for expression through both mediums. It’s intriguing to consider how the vernacular of abstraction, gesture, and line work translate across verbal and visual planes.