March 3-26, 2017

Quincy Stamper is an educator; a professional event, fashion and food photographer; and an independent artist. Originally from Palo Alto he moved to South San Francisco in 2006.

For this project he spoke with people in the neighborhood surrounding Adobe Books about their relationship to the Mission. Everyone who agreed to be photographed has been invited to the opening reception of this exhibition. We welcome residents of and visitors to this area to share stories in this space--what’s missing from the Mission now? What’s gone? What do you remember? What did you come looking for? What did you find?

My name is Quincy Stamper. Photography started out as a hobby and it grew into a love for the art. It started with my curiosity in the way I see people interact with one another and their surroundings. Through photography I am able to share my story with others. I love capturing still moments in the people I photograph .  

Enjoy what you see and keep educating the youth with the arts.