Opening Reception:
April 7, 2017 4-6 pm


Contributing Artists: Anna Albinson, Anya Blumenfeld, Sarah Boettcher, Chris Bradley, Gemma Burridge, Sarah Cuyler, Emeline Kao, Mookie Margolis, Asha McGee,  Zac Mosher, Genevieve Pflueger, Julia Prescott, Lili Price, Ava Schneider, Emily Wagner


At the San Francisco Bay School, a large part of the curriculum is Intersession; a week-long immersion of extra-curricular activities and classes. The Bay School is a show exhibiting the works created by 15 art students during this period of hands-on practice. Each student spent 5 days working on a project of their choice, of which they received daily critique from various visiting artists. The Spring opening will be the first time all of the works will come together to be showcased as a presentation of what they have cumulatively achieved during their participation in this special practice of collaborative learning.