Opening reception:
June 9, 5-8pm

Siavash Almeida
Sarah Alves
Alyssa Aviles
Alexandra Blum
Jennifer Clifford
Paola Coimbra
Fernando Marti
Gustavo Mora
Linette Morales
Marcius Noceda
Rich Nyhagen
Mark Ochinero
Calico Robles
Marsha Shaw
HyeYoon Song
Julianne Villegas

"The Mission Gráfica Printmaking Studio was established in 1977, at the same time the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts was founded. Our name is a melding of meanings: Mission in English, is an undertaking and a political commitment to social change, and Gráfica in Castilian, establishes a Latino identity, and defends our roots and values." - Mission Gráfica

Mission Gráfica is a unique and valuable resource for Bay Area creatives to learn, practice and teach the art of printmaking. As many artists have been pushed out of San Francisco due to extortionate rent prices, Mission Gráfica has proven itself to be a creative haven for individuals to explore the practices of printmaking in a community-based and affordable studio space. Adobe Books is excited to collaborate with this department of MCC as we are committed to being one of the last grassroots art spaces in San Francisco.

The Print Showcase will exhibit current works from a group of artists who have been creating in the Mission Gráfica studio within the last calendar year. The artists of Mission Gráfica are seldom all together at once; this is an opportunity for reflection, collaboration, and to support projects blossoming out of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.