Belle Bueti
Rebecca Haseltine
Curated by Claire Frost

April 13-29
Open Wed-Sun

Opening Reception:
April 13th, 5:30-7:30 pm

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Belle Bueti and Rebecca Haseltine are interested in thinking and making around the experience of bodies. They feel what a body holds, and also what holds a body. Their respective practices, in poured ink and previously worn clothing, investigate how we exist in the world around us and live within the worlds we hold inside us. For both Rebecca and Belle these questions often manifest in stories, told visually and sensually in their work.

Through her vintage clothing business, Belle re-homes clothing, allowing its story as an object, and its relationship to a body, to be continually written and re-written.

In Rebecca’s ink flows, she uses her full body, she draws from history as a dancer, and her current bodywork practice, to ambidextrously fill the image with her somatic responses to our rich and vulnerable environment.

Together, their work tells a story of both perpetual and fluid change, respecting the eventual end that must come, and celebrating the beauty that unfolds moment by moment. 

Rebecca Haseltine / / @rebeccahaseltineart

Belle Bueti /

Curated by Claire Frost

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