A project by the
CCA Social Practice Workshop.

Facilitated by Ranu Mukherjee

May 5- 31, 2018

Opening Event:
Saturday May 5, 5:30- 7:30 PM


Seeding is a project designed to amplify the function of the book store as a place for gathering, and the sharing of stories. Focusing on notions of health, home, sustenance and survival; the artists will gather, map and re-distribute neighborhood stories through participatory research, conversational engagement and seeding activities. Seeding is used as a metaphor to describe the layering and excavation of culture, and how it moves, evolves and grows.

Made specifically for Adobe Books, this month long project is conceived and operated by students of Ranu Mukherjee’s Spring Social Practice Workshop at California College of the Arts;  Misha Abbas, Jennifer Brandel, Amanda Larson, and Yoko Tahara.

Throughout the month long exhibition, the artists will host participatory activities for public engagement. Stay tuned and check the calendar for details.

Misha Abbas is a conceptual artist and designer. Her art practice is currently focused on community engagement, targeting socio political issues and art for social change. Misha's process in the development of her work is an integral part of her art, if not the art itself. Her conceptual exploration is focused on identity and its relation to site and other bodies with a focus on South Asia and the Middle East, her present ongoing collection researches decolonization, clothing, place and healing bodies. She is Pakistani and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is currently a student at the California College of the Arts pursuing a double major in Fashion Design and Community Arts with a focus in Textile Design.

Jennifer Brandel is a Bay area artist and architect with practices pursuant of social engagement, healing space, sculptural making, mapping and ceramic work that is thematically exposing the human/nature relationship. Her work is grounded in place, time, observation and direct experience. Through A Living Library, a non-profit that focuses on ecological learning landscapes, she also instructs young people in eco-art gardening in San Francisco. | @deer_jenn

Amanda Larson is from Davis, California and a first year Masters of Fine Arts student concentrating in Social Practice. Her current work focuses on facilitating workshops and projects with the public that explore the act of sharing stories and memories using different mediums and forms of documentation. She aspires to combine the theories and methodologies of social practice in community built art and the practice of fine art, to connect communities to art and art to communities.

Yoko Tahara is a 1st year student in the Master of Fine Arts program at California College of Art. She has been working on media such as drawing and printmaking. She creates imaginative, abstract compositions based on images from  nature and the Japanese culture. She also commits time to community-based art practice. Yoko is originally from Hiroshima, Japan.